Advantages of an electric bike


You are here, so you think about purchasing an electric bike but you may ask yourself if it is the correct decision ... well it definitely is if you like cycling and we tell you why:



1. You reduce your weight, because you drive more and always with optimal pulse and calorie burning.


2. Your fitness will improve, because your electric bike is an ideal fitness trainer, which trains your pulse, cardiovascular system, muscles and joints.


3. Overcome slopes and hills effortlessly; you do not notice anymore.


4.  You simply outsmart the headwind.


5. Long distances are easier to cycle as you have a range of up to 190 km with one battery.


6. You have more fun. Studies show that eBikers cycle 3x more than owners of "normal" bikes.


7. More leisure time with your partner and friends as even unevenly trained persons enjoy cycling better with electric bikes than with normal bikes.



8. You protect the environment as you can leave the car more often. Traffic jams and parking tickets are a thing of the past.